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Hello, coffee lover!

Are you one of those who wished that your favorite coffee shop provides a delivery service so that your cup of coffee is just one dial away? Ever wondered why the coffee shops in the metro choose not to do it despite their capacity to offer that kind of service? Oh come on! We know you questioned this once in your life.

We got crazy over this idea too!

If you’re a hardcore coffee enthusiast, we’re sure you know the answer! Yup, you got it right. Coffee shops wouldn’t do it because they want you to get the fresh cup of coffee straight from the bar.

We knew this was one of the reasons, but we still daydream about having the perfect cup of coffee delivered straight to our desk (ugh!).

Our story began with our curiosity to look for a solution to this everyday challenge. We wanted to get our daily caffeine fix, but there is no coffee shop near our workplace. Nope, we don’t work in a jungle.

This led us to discover home brewing. We were instantly hooked! To enjoy the same quality coffee in the comforts of our home or office just blew our mind.

Ever wondered how to own your cup of coffee? More than the name on your usual cup, it was all you, from brewing to drinking.

Join us in this caffeine revolution!

Stay Caffeinated,

KC + Karen

Feature Article from The Philippine Star

Brewing success with Cordillera coffee farmers

Brewing Success

MANILA, Philippines — Getting one’s daily caffeine mix seems to be a walk in the park for some–be it a cappuccino from a favorite high-end cafe or a simple instant coffee from home. But this is not the case for two long-time friends whose love affair with coffee moved to a whole new level.

Knowing that coffee is more complex in flavor than any other drink, Katherine Chelle “KC” Boter and Karen de Guzman are taking their beans very seriously. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE