FOB Prod-12


Say hi to our line-up! Our hearts are overflowing with happy caffeine – we mean happiness – for receiving awesome praises about how lovely, creative and unique our products are. Oftentimes, we get questions about where our coffee came from. We take so much pride that our coffee is locally and organically grown in our homeland, Philippines, specifically in the highlands of Cordillera. Surprise! Yes, we support local farmers from the mountains of Cordillera, who put awesome skills and attention to growing great coffee. We recognize the role of these farmers in the process of producing the perfect cup of coffee.

Don’t take our word for it. Our quest for the perfect homegrown coffee has transformed the way we see and taste coffee. By far, this coffee line-up has seriously satisfied our taste buds, but don’t believe us. We dare you to try it yourself!

FOB Irony Sagada Dark Roast 1kg (Coffee Beans)FOB Paradox Benguet Arabica 1kg (Coffee Beans)FOB Oxymoron Arabica Robusta 1kg (Coffee Beans)

FOB Understatement Hazelnut 1kg (Coffee Beans)FOB Metaphor Caramel 1kg (Coffee Beans)FOB Euphemism Vanilla 1kg (Coffee Beans)